The Team

It’s an incredible team. We don’t stop at what’s possible, but look beyond. We are limitless.
Charlie Magnusson Chief Financial Officer
Content management
Fredrik Andersson
Fredrik Andersson Content Creator
Content management
Ester Bolmenäs
Ester Bolmenäs Content Creator
International outreach
Jonas Johansson
Jonas Johansson Head of international outreach
International outreach
Viktor Winberg
Viktor Winberg Account Manager
International outreach
Emanuel Andersson Account Manager
Partner Agency
Alexander Elm
Alexander Elm Partner Agency Team Leader
Partner Agency
Izak Johansson
Izak Johansson Product Manager
Jakob Johansson
Jacob Johansson Back Office Team Leader
Gustav Hansson
Gustav Hansson Outreach Specialist
Maksym Melnak
Maksym Melnyk Outreach Specialist
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