Data-driven PR

Many companies who work with traditional PR agencies quickly find that though they are of great help in their immediate geographical and niche areas, they have difficulty reaching a wider, international, and market-based audience. At INCREV®, we are committed to solving that gap.

Whereas traditional PR agencies rely heavily on personal and professional networks, we use our established data-driven processes and apply them into a PR perspective. This means that rather than reach out to already established contacts, we look for statistically appropriate, market-related platforms – in other words, a message based heavily on relevance, not only relationships. By doing so, the PR affair becomes an affair of value for both your company and the platform where you appear.

This service will be most effective for your company if you are already somewhat established and wishing to scale your company abroad. If you are unsure where to start your geographic expansion, our Data-driven Market Analysis may be of value to you.